Lauren Seagren

B2B Content Marketer | Content Writer | Storyteller | Content Strategist | Copywriter | Editor

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (DMI) & Professional Certified Marketer (AMA) 

Hi, my name is Lauren Seagren! I am a passionate B2B content marketing professional with over 8 years of experience. With a knack for crafting compelling, creative content that truly resonates, I’m dedicated to delivering superior storytelling that drives action and tells each story in a consistent,
authentic, and compelling fashion.

I'm an expert at translating complex topics into human-friendly copy across industries, including health and wellness, finance and accounting, cybersecurity, retail e-commerce AI (fashion, home, and beauty), environmental technologies/services, and hospitality/travel.

“One should use common words to say uncommon things.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

"Lauren is a focused, productive, and highly creative writer of content who's created some truly impactful materials at Lily AI. She has written all of the company's downloadable guides; kept a 1-2x-per-week blog posting schedule on a variety of industry topics; managed our major social media channels, content calendars, webinars, and more. She is self-directed, forward-looking, and a truly collaborative team player in every regard. I've been fortunate to work with and learn from her."

- Jay Hinman, VP of Marketing

"Lauren is an exceptional copywriter. She is creative, quick to revise (even though it wasn't often needed), and consistently responsive. Lauren was always ahead of projects, making managing her projects effortless. My business line thrived with her work on our email blasts and social media posts. Our email CTRs and open rates had never been higher. She is extremely talented in HubSpot, optimizing each piece of content she creates. Outside of her incredible work ethic, Lauren is kind, open, and incredibly easy to talk to. Her talent will shine through at any company that is lucky enough to have her!"

- Zara Nyhus, Marketing Coordinator 

"Lauren is an incredibly talented writer and content marketer! She is willing to work closely with me, making sure both design and copy come together beautifully in the finished product. Her blog posts, guides, ads, and marketing materials are always very thoughtful and well-written. Honestly, she would be a valuable asset to any team looking to level up their content marketing!"

Bianca Blue, Lead Visual Designer

"Lauren is a highly talented, very creative marketing leader. She doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and jumping in to make sure all projects are completed with the highest level of creativity and accuracy. She can take the lead or support as needed and her creative diversity and agility make her stand out from the rest. I HIGHLY recommend Lauren and look forward to working with her in the future."

Todd Weeks, Senior Creative Director

"In my time working with Lauren I was blown away by her creative ideas and ability to take complex technical ideas and translate them into clear written content for a wide variety of readers. I loved collaborating and brainstorming with Lauren around new ideas for blog posts based on customer insight and research. She has an awesome attention to detail and laser focus that allows her to juggle multiple projects at once with grace and ease. Wherever Lauren goes next that company will be lucky to have her, and I could not recommend her enough!"

Lauren Baird, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

"I have had many experiences with writers in my profession as a product design leader and consumer advocate. However, Lauren super stands out in my mind.

Here's why:

> I actually read every single article she wrote and looked forward to it like a good book you can't put down. She is a natural creative non-fiction, business writer. She grabs attention and takes the reader exactly where they hope to go and satisfies the informational plot by the final paragraph.
> Lauren is exceptional in her work ethic, honing her craft, and remains an open collaborator every single day.
> I trusted Lauren to capture the business case that enhanced the purpose of the software we were designing in the UX/Research/Product group for Lily AI.
> She's a delight. Simply a pleasant person I enjoyed talking to and working with as a co-collaborator.
If you happen to capture Lauren's attention as a company and she's available, grab her while you can!"

- Niya C Sisk, Product Design Manager

"Lauren was the first content marketer at Lily AI, and launched an impressive content program from scratch. She quickly built an entire content engine that covered an array of topics and formats and drove engagement from executives across our major target accounts. Lauren was wonderful to collaborate with and is a highly skilled AI, technology, e-commerce, and content manager. I highly recommend Lauren!"

- Jessica Foster Brandt, Director of Demand Generation

"I'm thrilled to recommend Lauren Seagren for her exceptional copywriting skills, precise project management, and stellar communication. Her ability to craft engaging content, manage projects with finesse, and communicate clearly has been invaluable to our team. Lauren’s collaborative nature, insightful contributions, and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with, consistently elevating our team’s efforts in developing impactful content. Thanks for all your help, Lauren!"

- Hemed Mohamed, Senior Marketing Manager

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