Lauren Seagren and her dog
Lauren and her cockapoo Nola

My name is Lauren Seagren and I am a passionate and experienced content marketing professional. I am a natural wordsmith and have loved to write my entire life. 

As a lead storyteller, I live at the intersection of creativity and strategy. I am fully committed to superior storytelling and delivering effective and impactful content that tells each story in a consistent, authentic, and compelling fashion. 

Throughout my career, I have planned, researched, and fully executed over 100 pieces of content - from blogs to guides to case studies and more. I excel at translating complex material into human-friendly, easily digestible copy that drives measurable action.

My content has been proven to help drive engagement, pipeline, and conversions. I love telling a story that resonates and helps to build lasting connections. 

“You can make anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewis